2019 - 13th Annual Thanksrimmage


A taste of Rollercon brought to the IE for 1 day

All the challenge fun of Rollercon brought to the Inland Empire for just 1 day.  Create your challenge bouts and skate! Come see all levels of Roller Derby for this all day event.  Only $10 for spectators.

Pre-register: Skaters, Vendors,Officials & Vendors


Instructions & Rules for 2019 (Sat, Nov. 30th 10am-7pm) Thankscrimmage challenge bouts

Skaters, Refs/NSOs, and Vendors: (Please register even if you plan to pay cash @ the door)

Register:  (Registration Link to be posted at later date) 

Volunteer as an Official / Come as a Vendor


The link to sign up for Refs/NSO's:

(Registration link to be posted at later date) 

Questions on reffing & nsoing? Facebook msg to Desmon Bryant (Rainbow Smasher), https://www.facebook.com/desmon.bryant


Email prisoncityderbydames@gmail.com  Fee is $45 or complete the registration form

Post your rosters

 Post challenge ideas & ads looking for team players in the facebook group message area  - https://www.facebook.com/groups/thankscrimmage/

 Please keep themes fun! Include all information for your challenge game

Skill Level: FM, C, B, A

Gender Skating: male, female, coed or juniors. 

Note: A themed mixed league team will take priority over single league teams. 

Fill out a Team Challenge Google Doc for both teams



Once opened, CLICK ONTO THE “FILE” Menu and click “MAKE A COPY” and edit all areas then share to the Thankscrimmage facebook group to post for roster skaters. Or make your own google FORM or SPREADSHEET.   


Other Rules and Information

 Make up your team of  up to 16 players leaving 4 open slots for game day (unless special permission approved by team coordinator). This will complete a full team of 20. Teams can be juniors (must be two full junior teams to be eligible for one challenge slot) or single sex-adult or adult coed.

Email completed roster to: prisoncityderbydames@gmail.com

There will be 20-22 challenge slots & 40-44 teams allowed.

Even if you don't get on a pre-formed team, there will be at least two b/w scrimmages that you can sign up for (adults and juniors). Maximum team rosters allowed for each skater will be 3 teams. This is to allow for everyone a chance to participate. There will also be spots available on chosen teams the day of the event.

Ensure all listed skaters are registered. Pre-registration will help to confirm submission of challenge game. Rosters with skaters not pre-registered will be put to the end of the list and possible deletion. 

Must complete registration form for insurance information or have proof of current medical/health insurance plan at the day of the event or sign a medical insurance waiver or WFTDA insurance. (This applies to ALL skaters and skating refs).

We will post the accepted teams & times on or around November 15 


 Adult Skaters $30 on-line 

                $35 at the door. 

Junior Skaters $20.00 On-line 

              $25 cash at the door. 

Spectators will pay only $10 for an all day pass. 

Vendor spots $45